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VK2ACM's 17 Meter Antenna Project 2009

Below is the modified  TET HB35T Antenna. The original antenna was a 20-15-10M Antenna.
As you can se by the picture the Dual phased elements by clicking on the picture you can get a closer view.

A pdf file with the Specs on the antenna

Above the completed 17M Five Element Monobander

The project took over three to four weeks to complete. All the hardware was replaced, The element clamps were used, clamps were painted to prevent rust in the future.
All Electrical connections and screws were sealed with Coax seal liquid tape to prevent corrosion.
The Driven element is fed with a 1:1 Balun strapped to the boom.
The closer view you can see the modified boom support mast to elevate the ends of the boom due to sag. This adjustable mast was removed from the A4S which was supporting the 40 meter add on kit which has since been removed.

Below is another view of the antenna up at 55'.

The antenna is up at 55 feet and is turned by a HD73 rotor installed inside the tower.
Coax used for this antenna was Heliax due to the run is over 150 feet.
The cable used for the rotor six conductor cable is sprinkler irrigation cable direct bury which has solid # 18 AWG wire.

Below is one of three supports for guying the antenna.
Thanks to Robert KG5YK for his excellent welding skills this was acheived and is working very well. Thank You Robert

Above is one of three guy posts.

I wanted to Thank everyone we have worked on 17M.
The signal reports on this antenna are great and gives me self satisfaction for all the time and effort it took to complete this project.
I hope to work you on 17 Meters soon, If you hear me come by and say hello....73 de Clint W5/ VK2ACM